Iron Skillet: Write Up

Great write-up about Iron Skillet.

Listening to Houston rock country outfit Iron Skillet is like riding a bucking bronco through a drunken lunatic circus — it’s wily, it’s powerful and it’ll throw you for a loop.
The five-piece sideshow once traveled the U.S. for what they called their “Homeless Tour,” wherein they set up their massive stage show under bridges and behind dumpsters. Last year, they played a “summer solstice street tour” that featured several shows in one day, all played from Houston pawn shops, restaurants and even a feed store.
When it comes to the craziest, most raucous show of the fest, it’s gonna be a close race between Iron Skillet and San Marcos art-house sideshow Attic Ted, who plays later that night at the Art Studio.
When: 7 p.m. Saturday
Where: Jefferson Theatre, 345 Fannin St., Beaumont

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