About IFLM Records

IFLM Records, LLC. started on Christmas Day, 2012, with goals of producing, promoting, and representing musicians. We offer an array of services such as recording, assistance with production and creation of a finished product, help with publishing, promotion, and tour support. IFLM Records, LLC. We like to jam with it.

Our recording studio offers reasonably priced studio time for musicians looking to record in the Houston area, as well as, mixing and mastering services. We can assist with voice overs for commercials and podcasts, help with cleaning up recordings, and can refer studio musicians if needed.

Our record label services include publishing, promotion and tour support. With our knowledge of producing, publishing, distributing, promoting, and touring with our own bands; we can offer our recommendations and elbow grease to help you get your music heard.

Services offered vary depending on where you are in the process of your project. Wether you want to record a single, a demo, or a full length album, if you have an album and just want your recordings heard, contact us about your project.


Recent Releases Available for Purchase:

Iron Skillet's first major release. Carbonized Music for Frozen Amplifiers.

Iron Skillet’s first major release. Carbonized Music for Frozen Amplifiers.

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